The Issues of an Online Call of Duty League Championships

We’re only three days into the Call of Duty League Championships and we’ve already had more issues than the past 9 online events. Coincidence? Possibly, but with $100k on the line for someone with the perfect bracket… probably not. 

The Issues of Online Matches

When the Call of Duty League moved online we all knew there may be some issues. But one of the main things people wanted was a pause feature. This was a feature usable on LAN and it was used multiple times, however it has not been implemented Online and this has been an issue. If we go back to April when the CDL moved online, there have only been 2 disconnects. Yes, players have lagged and there have been connection issues but the main point is that there has only been two disconnects. Fast forward to today and in 48 hours we have had 3 disconnects

The Call of Duty League has also been incompitent when it comes to dealing with these issues. They implemented a Hardpoint Reset Ruling only yesterday. And the main rule means the overall score must be less than 150 which means that the disconnect must happen within the first set of rotations, maybe even within the first three hills. This has angered many fans and pros alike.

Both Kenny and Zer0 who have disconnected during playoffs so far claim that they are being booted offline. This means that someone is purposefully making them disconnect from the match. Zer0 showed a video of his disconnect, and you can clearly see that he is being booted due to the reaction of the game. 

One major talking point is that to boot someone offline you need their ip address. One way of gaining that is being in the same team speak server as someone. Zer0 tweeted saying that people have been inviting random users to the server. 

In a league playing for $4.6 million, this is unacceptable. According to Octane the players have been told that they are “just complaining” when they bring up these problems. If the Call of Duty League is to stay online for the 2021 season, these are issues that have to be addressed no matter what.

The Call of Duty League continues tonight, you can check out our preview for the matches here.

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