CDL Playoffs Day 4

Call of Duty League Playoffs – Day 4 Preview

Today we get to see 4 matches as we enter the weekend. The first two will be elimination matches from the losers bracket, and the last two will be winners bracket matchups. We have some great matches today, so let’s get into the analysis.

London Royal Ravens vs Paris Legion

The London Royal Ravens suffered a disconnect during their match against the Toronto Ultra which resulted in them losing the series 3-1. This is tough to take for London fans as they now see themselves in the losers bracket. This will not be an easy game for the Ravens as the Paris Legion have looked good in recent weeks, so this is shaping up to be a good match.

As for the Paris Legion they have looked very strong. They seem to have returned to their early season form and have shown this from their second place at the London Home Series. They kept their momentum going and 3-0’d Seattle Surge in the first round, so Paris have all the momentum needed to be giant killers throughout this tournament.

The London Royal Ravens can win this game if they hit a massive regain. Following the disconnect in their first match they will not be happy, but they can’t let that get to them. If they play emotionally they’ll make mistakes and could be sent home. However, I think that London will pull through. So I’m taking the London Royal Ravens ML.

Pick: London Royal Ravens ML, 1.63 @ Midnite

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles vs Minnesota Rokkr

OpTic Gaming managed to pull through and win the battle for Los Angeles 3-2 after Kenny was booted offline twice during their series. Dashy had to be subbed in for the final map and he did an amazing job as he single handedly won OGLA a few important rounds. However, here they’re playing a new Minnesota lineup so there isn’t much VOD to watch, this will be a tough match for OpTic.

The Minnesota Rokkr have the element of surprise when it comes to Playoffs. There is little to no VOD of this new roster and therefore no team can work out their strategies. This was proven during their first match against the New York Subliners where they won the Search and Destroy 6-1. This is a massive advantage and makes this series very unpredictable.

While this is a hard series to call, I think that OpTic Gaming takes it. They showed extreme resilience during their last match against LAG following the disconnections. Because of this I’m taking an OpTic Gaming Los Angeles ML.

Pick: OpTic Gaming Los Angeles ML, 1.74 @ Midnite

Chicago Huntsmen vs Atlanta FaZe

The Chicago Huntsmen managed to take down the New York Subliners 3-2 last night in a dramatic series to say the least. Scump was the main component in the Chicago Huntsmen’s victory as he put up a 1.28 overall K/D in the series being the only Huntsmen player to finish with a positive K/D.

The Atlanta FaZe will be coming into Playoffs tonight with this being their first match. This could be a major disadvantage as they will be playing against a Chicago team who have already played a game five series and therefore should be warmer and ready to play. However, this is FaZe we’re talking about, one of if not the best team in the league and they will be more than ready to win this match.

Last time these two teams matched up the Chicago Huntsmen absolutely dominated with a 3-0 victory. This will not happen again, and this will be a closer match. However, I think that it will be Chicago who takes it and therefore I’m going with a Chicago Huntsmen ML. To add to this, I’m going to take a Chicago Huntsmen Map 2 ML also, this is because Chicago will get to pick map 2 for this series due to them being a lower seed. With how good their Search has looked recently, I have to take this as well.

Pick: Chicago Huntsmen ML, 2.28 @ Midnite & Chicago Huntsmen Map 2 ML, 1.99 @ Midnite

Dallas Empire vs Toronto Ultra

The Dallas Empire have been one of the best teams all year and personally I feel that they will be one of the most prepared coming into Playoffs. MVP candidate Shotzzy has been excellent all year and this Dallas team has played at a speed that not many teams can keep up with. Considering how AR heavy the Toronto Ultra are, if Dallas can stop CleanX and Classic from going off, this should be an easy win for them.

The Toronto Ultra have performed extremely well so far at Playoffs and they’re currently on a 6 series win streak. CleanX has been incredible so far and is one of the main reasons why the Toronto Ultra are in this position now, so he needs to keep these performances up. The win condition for Dallas is to slow down CleanX, if they can’t slow him down then Toronto takes the series.

Last time these two played it was a 3-1 victory for Toronto. Overall, the head to head is tied 1-1 with Toronto having a 5-4 advantage in map count. This will be a close series, so yet again I’m sticking with the ML bet. I have to favour Dallas, they are a strong team who will work out how to defeat Toronto and they will play to their strengths.

Pick: Dallas Empire ML, 1.50 @ Midnite


Match Winner
London Royal Ravens
1.0u @ 1.63
Match Winner
OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
1.0u @ 1.74
Match Winner
Chicago Huntsmen
1.0u @ 2.28
Map 2 Winner
Chicago Huntsmen
1.0u @ 1.99
Match Winner
Dallas Empire
1.0u @ 1.50

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