Swagg Summer Invitational

Swagg Summer Warzone Invitational Preview

The latest edition of Warzone tournaments commences tonight with FaZe Swagg hosting his own Swagg Summer Invitational which will see duos compete for a prize pool of $25,000.


The Swagg Summer Invitational features a format similar to that of the TeeP’s Trails tournaments. This means that we will see a combination of both the Kill Race format along with the Warzone Wednesday bracket style matches. Starting at 9PM BST, the Duo teams will have three hours to score as many points as possible. Teams gain one point per elimination and will also gain placement points as such:

1st = 25 points

2nd = 20 points

3rd = 15 points

4-6th = 10 points

7th = 7 points

8-10th = 4 points

11-19th = 2 points

20th = 1 point

Each team’s 4 highest scoring games will be added together with the 8 highest scoring teams progressing into the second round. The second and final round of the tournament sees two duos go head to head in a single elimination bracket. Here they will join together and load into a quads match, they will play two matches and the duo with the most kills across both matches will win.

Competitors (Subject to change)

  • GD_Booya & LuckyChamu
  • Tommey & AlmxndTV
  • Aydan & MuTeX
  • Swagg & Nickmercs
  • Pamaj & Dashy
  • Vikkstar123 & WarsZ
  • Scope & FaZe Blaze
  • TeePee & DougisRaw
  • BobbyPoff & UnRatonal
  • TheBoiSantana & itsEyeQew
  • Testyment & Avxry
  • Speros & Fluxury
  • DiazBiffle & Repullze
  • Trainwrecks & FeLo
  • Blake & Jorge
  • Superevan & Frozone
  • KingRichard & Destroy
  • Tcleantv & NoArmMissile
  • Censor & StayFinessen
  • Bloo & Clutchbelk
  • HusKerrs & Symfuhny
  • Tourva & Redman
  • JSmooth & Colorss95
  • JukeyZ & Rated
  • Nadeshot &
  • Tfue &


There are plenty of incredible teams playing in the Swagg Summer Invitational tonight. Some of the teams to look out for are SuperEvan & Frozone (4.70), Tommey & AlmxndTV (12.00), GD_Booya & LuckyChamu (8.80) and Symfuhny & HusKerrs (8.80). However, the team I’m backing to win it is the London Royal Ravens duo of Rated and Jukeyz (6.20). Jukeyz recently joined the London Royal Ravens as a content creator and will be looking to pick up a tournament win along wirth $15,000 to mark his arrival. Teaming with professional Call of Duty player Rated, this team is more than capable of winning the tournament as they have shown their skill in kill race and bracket formats in previous events.

Swagg Odds

The Swagg Summer Invitational kicks off at 9pm BST (4pm EST) tonight! You can bet on the Warzone tournament exclusively at Midnite and while you can watch on FaZe Clan’s Twitch channel, your favourite team will also be streaming their POV.



Tournament Winner
Jukeyz & Rated
1.0u @ 6.20

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